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boxThe Grey Wulff.
Works well at MayFly

The club offers excellent game fishing sport (fly only) with 17 kilometers of exclusive river fishing and a limited membership. The rivers we fish mainly require wading with limited availability of fishing from the bank. No day tickets are available for the club’s waters. Membership is limited to 200, but most seasons we have vacancies There are three categories of membership,full member , senior citizen (over 65) / Disabled and junior (under 18). We operate a waiting list and where possible accept new members at the beginning of each season. Season runs from April 1 to October 29. Currently the subscription rates are as follows;

  1. Full £90 p.a. + £90 joining fee in first year

  2. Senior Citizen / Disabled £68 p.a. + £68 joining fee in first year

  3. Junior £15 p.a.

New members are required to attend a brief induction meeting as a condition of membership. If you are interested in joining GAAFFS, simply click here to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. New members will be invited to join our Forum details will be provided on joining.

River keeper's advice for our

Our River Keepers want you to catch fish. We also want all members to enjoy every visit to our waters. That means adopting an approach that's courteous and common sense.
So to anyone new to our waters, converting from lake or resevoir fishing, or simply uncertain about how best to fish the Upper Witham, here are some words of good advice.

Approach the water with care. Keep off the skyline and walk slowly and softly. If you don't, you reduce your chances and those of others dramatically...

Use fine points... there are no stewpond leviathans in the Witham and a three-pounder is a
big fish. A 3lb (6X) point is about right, being fine enough to fool the fish but strong enough to hold a wilder than usual brownie.

Use small flies. With plenty of natural food in the larder, our fish are selective. Size 14 is about the biggest you will ever need, except during MayFly season when a 12 or even 10 Wulff will be slurped down with gusto.

Go straight past other anglers to your favourite spot and stay there. It's not only selfish but also
unproductive. River trout won't come to you, you must go to them... and they're constantly on the move.

Use lures. Our rivers and its inhabitants deserve
more delicate and sporting treatment.

Destroy bankside vegetation any more than you absolutely must to fish. Plants provide cover for the angler, food for the fish and habitat for a whole host of other wildlife.



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March 2016

Our members have been working during the winter to improve our rivers habitat. Intrested in joining us please contact us through the tab above.

Febuary 2016

Welcome to the new GAAFFS web site. Membership is available. New enquires are welcome please see our membership page.

January 2016

We have a maximum of 180 members who fish 17 kilometres of local rivers that produce a wonderful Mayfly hatch. We currently have vacancies for new members



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