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Welcome to GAAFFS

Welcome to The Witham and other local streams.

Welcome to GAAFFS – short for Grantham Angling Association Fly Fishing Section – a thriving community of like-minded fly anglers, all of whom enjoy access to uncrowded and unspoilt waters in the south-west corner of Lincolnshire.

There’s more to fishing than
catching fish.

Our primary objective is the pursuit of trout and grayling on the three local rivers where we enjoy access – the Witham, located to the north and south of Grantham, has a series of extensive beats some of which are quite challenging and best fished earlier in the season. Later, Tenkara and euro nymphing techniques might be used to better effect on these beats; the Chater, a small, but productive stream located to the west of Stamford; the Welland, a larger river with which the Chater confluences, also offering fishing rights to the west of Stamford. Our waters are stocked only sparingly with brown trout with most holding and sustaining a good head of trout and grayling quite naturally. Our rivers offer good sport for all, set within a series of natural environments all of which offer outstanding beauty and tranquility. Indeed, never has the phrase “there’s more to fishing than catching fish” rung out more truly than it does when applied to our waters.


New membership is encouraged and as with any organisation such as this membership levels do fluctuate upwards and downwards over time. Our season operates between 01 April and 29 October for trout, extendable to February for the pursuit of grayling only. For full details of how to apply to join GAAFFS, should you be interested in doing so, please click the “New Membership Enquiry” button below.

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