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Our rules are few and simple.

A small set of Rules and Regulations apply covering our waters, to which we expect all anglers to comply. However, nothing that might be considered unreasonable or beyond expectation.

  • Fly Fishing Only on designated waters.
  • Catch and Release is practiced on all waters.
  • Permission to invite guests may be obtained from the Treasurer or the Head River Keeper. A guest ticket will cost £20 per visit. Only one guest on any one occasion.
  • No coarse fish, trout or grayling to be killed.
  • Renewal of membership is dependent upon the return of a catch record by the 1 December and annual fees having been paid in full by 14 March.
  • Season: 1 April – 29 October
  • Membership of the Grantham Angling Association (GAA) and the purchase of an Environment Agency rod license are obligatory. GAAFFS rules are to be read in conjunction with GAA rules. Every member is a bailiff and is expected to challenge all anglers.

Membership Enquiry

All of those associated with GAAFFS welcome your interest in the club and we thank you for it. We also sincerely hope that you will take the time to explore further the opportunities which we offer. In fact, given the rewards that await those who are ultimately successful in this endeavour, we actively encourage you to do so.

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