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The Grantham Angling Association Fly Fishing Section (GAAFFS) takes an active role in river habitat improvement and conservation. We have established links with the local EA, the Wild Trout Trust, The Lincolnshire River’s Trust, Natural England and River Fly monitoring Groups and  we enjoy a good rapport with our parent body, The GAA and the local Riparian owners.

Work Parties:

The advent of Covid 19 has severely restricted our use of work parties but we have been able to continue some river improvements by way of local contractors and the hands on approach of our Head River Keeper. Like most of our volunteers he works full time. We will resume organising work parties only when it is deemed safe to do so and only where it would be effective to do so.

We have in the past been involved in in-stream improvements, such as the creation of riffle weirs, the placing of flow deflectors and berms in places where they can be most effective.

The object being to improve the breeding of trout and river flies. Careful habitat management can also provide shelter for immature fish. A large proportion of our budget is spent on river improvements, equipment and training for volunteers.

River Fly Monitoring

We monitor and record our river invertebrate population, but again Covid 19 has disrupted this. Hopefully things will improve for the 2021 season.


We do get visits from those who are fishing without permission. We actively try and deter illegal fishing but members must not put themselves at risk.

All illegal fishing activities must be reported to the Police and the EA., stating when and where,  and if possible a description of the offenders the vehicle used with licence plate, Obtain an incident number. And make sure you report the incident to the Head river keeper. Again do not put yourself in harms way.


We have an active Cormorant Control Group licensed by Natural England. Mink are trapped as and when they are sighted. They have been a significant threat to riverside wild life particularly the water vole, but the good news is the water vole is showing signs of returning to our river beats.

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