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Work Party


We believe the work to be undertaken is important in preserving the future of the river and the wildlife associated with it, however the safety and well-being of members and others taking part is of paramount importance. Working parties can be hazardous. Members should be aware that actions you may take may affect the safety of those around you.

What happens on the day

Work parties usually start at 10.00am dates are circulated through the GAAFFS Forum. The work party will be led by a supervisor who will allocate and explain the tasks to be undertaken. Do not go beyond his brief.
Work is varied and can include:
• Trimming and removing bankside growth.
• Clearing obstructions from the river.
• Erecting flow deflectors
• Making stiles
• Litter picking

Health and Safety

You must follow the guidance of the supervisor.
• Health and safety is the responsibility of all.
• Look after yourself and others.
• Be aware that activities by water can be dangerous.
• Do not go into the water unless instructed to do so.
• Some tools require specialised training-only trained personnel use chainsaws etc..
• Take care when using sharp tools.
• Tasks must be planned and all involved should understand what is required.
• Take care when lifting and carrying. Ask for assistance if necessary.

Your own health

If you have any medical conditions that may affect the type of work you can undertake please let the supervisor know. Light duties are available. All contributions are very much appreciated.

What do I need to bring?

Bring suitable clothing and footwear.
If you have tools and/or equipment which may be useful please bring it with you but check with the supervisor before using it.
…and finally enjoy the day, meet new friends and play an active part in the future of your fishing.


River Fly Monitoring

We currently run a monitoring scheme within the club and members are encourage to register their interest and take part in the GAAFFS monitoring group under the auspices of the River Fly Partnership and the EA. Interested members who have undertaken training conduct monthly monitoring across four sites on the river. The monitoring scheme, used alongside routine monitoring by the EA, ensures that water quality is checked more widely and action taken at the earliest opportunity should any severe perturbations be detected. Further the monitoring initiative acts as a deterrent to incidental polluters.

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